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The following rules and regulations are in force to the fullest extent of our ability to provide a level playing field for all competitors.  Weather, equipment failures, civil disturbances, or acts of nature may dictate alternative strategies to keep the competition moving.  We the judges and coordinators of this Firefighter Combat Challenge reserve the right to make reasonable changes, substitutions, or fabrications as may be necessary to avoid delays or interruptions to the competition.  The Course Marshal is the final arbiter and decision maker of the event and his/her decision(s) shall be final without dispute. 
The course will consist of five (5) obstacles each with separate challenges requiring different skill sets.  Each team shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members.  Each team member will be required to complete one (1) obstacle challenge in relay style.  This is a timed event from start to finish of all obstacles, no maximum time constraint.  Obstacle layout, objective, and narrative is provided in this document.  Teams are encouraged to closely review each obstacle as well as their descriptions and objectives. 

Each team shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members, maximum six (6) with one member being the team captain.  (NOTE: team captain can be the seventh member and not participate in the challenge obstacles).  Each team members shall be required to complete on obstacle.  Obstacle #2 requires two (2) members.  Therefore, with teams of five competitors, one member will be required to complete two obstacles. 
All teams are required to supply their own Personal Protective Gear (PPE) and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).  Requirements for turnout gear are the same for all competitors. 
All PPE and SCBA shall be properly donned for each event.  Exception is the first obstacle (Hoseline Advancement) which the competitor shall start the event by properly donning all PPE and SCBA – See “Obstacle #1” description later in this document. 
Gear And Equipment 
All gear will be visually inspected by the Course Marshal prior to the start of the team’s event.  Use of gear and equipment shall be the final decision of the Course Marshal. 
All PPE and SCBA must be serviceable, approved for structural firefighting equipment and properly fit the competitor.  Use of oversized equipment to create a “competitor’s edge” will not be permitted.  Use of duct tape or other visible modifications to the equipment will not be permitted.  Hoods, face shields, and earflaps are not required.  All articles of turnout gear, SCBA, and other firefighting equipment carried during the obstacle must not be removed or lost during the competition.  In the event equipment or articles of PPE is dropped during the competition, the competitor shall be required to retrieve that article dropped and correctly replaced before continuing.  Non-retrieval shall result in disqualification. 
Course Completion 
All competitors are personally responsible for completely their assigned tasks without assistance from other team members.  No course volunteer has the authority to instruct a competitor in the negotiation of the objective; only the Course Marshal can intervene or direct the actions of a competitor. 


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