Thank You for Your Support!!
By Battalion Chief Ken Sobieski
July 2, 2018

The Palmer Municipal Fire Department would like to extend a big thank you to Hicks Paving Inc. and Second Alarm Tree Service. Both local companies offered their expertise and service for free to give back to the fire department when we were in need of help. Recently a few members went through a 4 day “train the trainer” EVOC course for our new tiller truck. The parking lot for the training needed some help. Hicks Paving was able to clean and patch many holes throughout the lot that would have been in the way for setting up the course. Second Alarm Tree Service cleared away all low hanging branches and limbs for our tiller so we would not hit them along the course. These two companies did an amazing job and we would like them to be recognized for the work they did to help us out. Thank You from the Officers and Firefighters of the Palmer Municipal Fire Department.